San Francisco is in a time of incredible economic prosperity with companies raising large amounts of capital, facing fierce competition, and vying for top talent. Forward thinking companies are implementing new innovative giving models to differentiate themselves and leaders agree that to succeed they need to make a positive impact on the world.
“CEOs are twice as likely as they were in 2012 to say sustainability is their top priority.”

McKinsey article on sustainability’s strategic worth

At the same time, societal challenges are still very apparent and charitable organizations tackling them haven’t necessarily had the same prosperity. Although they have incredible goals and engaged employees, they typically lack the same resources as the private sector. One thing is certainly true, there’s always work to be done to overcome barriers to success in their world.
“Charitable giving has remained stuck in the U.S., at two percent of GDP, ever since we started measuring it in the 1970’s”

Dan Pallotta’s Ted Talk on Nonprofit double standards

This gap begs the question for people that work for both these types of organizations. How can our work reflect our passions, our skills and resources be better used to solve the problems we care about?
We think this happens by making it easier, more fun and impactful for individuals and organizations to give and receive. ThinkThank envisions a world where the toughest challenges facing the social sector are tackled, the brightest ideas implemented, and their stories of impact shared with the world.