Finding Gratitude Through Service

January 30, 2017By Susan FreundVolunteering

After a year long volunteering assignment in Thailand with my husband, we decided to extend our stay for an additional 6 months. We knew that we wouldn’t get the chance for this kind of long-term volunteering in the near future, but also had fallen in love with our new Thai community. However, just when I … Read More

10 San Francisco Nonprofits You Can Get Involved with Tomorrow

August 3, 2016By Ryan BrightNonprofits, Volunteering

10 San Francisco Nonprofits You Can Get Involved with TomorrowWe had the honor of hosting nearly a dozen nonprofits at our #CommunityCulture event who shared some of the great ways they’re looking to engage with corporations and people in our communities to make their efforts more impactful. A big heartfelt thank you to goes out to the 100+ attendees there that … Read More

For the Love of Good AND Money

May 26, 2016By Jarrett OBrienCorporate Giving, Volunteering

Last night I watched an older Ted Talk by Chip Conley about what we should measure when it comes to business and our nation’s prosperity. He posed the question of why we have used GDP when it includes things like tobacco sales but doesn’t count the quality of education, and sums the speech up nicely: … Read More

Finding a Path Toward Altruism Through Volunteering

April 22, 2016By John FreundVolunteering

For many people changing the world seems impossible to achieve, or at least that’s the way I used to feel. The more experiences I have with giving, the more I believe using compassion, community, and positivity we can create the space where the world can change and heal itself. I recently volunteered my time to … Read More