Through the rapidly deepening political divide stemmed from this past year’s election, tensions across political parties and personal beliefs are heating up. While discourse is a valuable and crucial part of our democracy, much of the conversation has become corrosive, and the effects abundantly clear. There has rarely been a greater need to develop strategies to adapt, protect, and partner with all members of our community to move forward, together.

As the first 100 days of the Trump presidency unfold there has been a ripple of unprecedented change directly affecting the operations of government agencies, nonprofits, companies, and schools. It has become urgently clear that social sector organizations all over the country have to start getting creative and adapt to the drastic changes of this new administration. Whether it’s the threat of losing funding, or grappling with the effects these new laws and executive orders will have on their constituents, this shift in our political landscape has already signified a critical strain on an already under-resourced sector. We are all faced with the pressing need to collaborate, and effectively strategize next steps in order to survive.

That is why we are excited to team up with ThinkThank and invite you to our event, Inclusive Leadership in Divisive Times, to discuss community investment and engagement Strategies in 2017.

Individual responses to these threats have ranged from more emotional rapid responses to cross-sector organized resistance. Most notably, the widespread response all over the nation has made one thing clear: people want to help. In the weeks following the presidential election and inauguration, organizations around the country have seen a tremendous surge of interest in volunteering and philanthropic action.


People are looking to civic engagement and philanthropy as a tool for healing, but also as vehicles for supporting their beliefs, family, friends and community.  As these organizations scramble to determine next steps, many progressive corporate leaders have taken a proactive strategy to support their employees, send a message to their customers, and share the responsibility of adapting to make sure that no one is left behind. With increased corporate tax breaks and other expected financial benefits, the time has come to work together across the divisive lines created by the 2016 election, and find common ground through service, philanthropy and employee engagement.

On the evening of April 19th, HandsOn Bay Area and ThinkThank will welcome leaders from all over the Bay Area to The Gray Area Foundation / Grand Theater in the Mission District. We will discuss and take a deeper look in how to maintain a supportive culture that fosters collaboration and new cross-sector partnerships. Join us!

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