Excited about organizing the first ThinkThank, the team was brimming with ideas. However, first thing was first – ThinkThank was searching for the perfect non-profit to partner with and the perfect space to host their first event. Luckily, Ryan was heading to a meet-up that evening that would end in serendipity.

Taking advantage of the San Franciscan “Indian summer”, Jones bar in San Francisco’s financial district , was hosting two events on their massive patio – an alumni meet up for Ryan’s alma mater, Hult International Business School, as well as Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs. Killing two birds with one stone, Ryan arrived at the bar excited to see some old colleagues as well as make some new connections. Shortly after arriving, Ryan struck up a conversation with an affable fellow named Michael Pacheco. He spoke about his non-profit Executive Path. To Ryan’s excitement, Michael was actually working on a problem tangential to ThinkThank’s mission.

Executive Path connects Silicon Valley start-ups with much needed talent by sponsoring J-1 visas for talented individuals in emerging markets. These individuals get a crash-course in entrepreneurship and the opportunity to gain experience in the US. After 18 months, they go back to their home countries eyes open to the unique eco-system here, equipped to create an even bigger impact to their local economies. The start-up that brings them on gets diverse, international talent with a  background they’d likely never be exposed to. They also get this talent below the inflated market rates all too common in the Valley. It’s truly a win-win.

Michael runs Executive Path from a fantastic co-working space, NextSpace. Offering a thriving, diverse and dynamic co-working community of startup founders, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, freelancers and remote workers who are making a living and a life on their own terms, NextSpace offers the perfect space and spirit for November’s ThinkThank.

Come join us to create even more serendipity! Tickets are available here.

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