There are a few things we’re especially thankful for this year, and they all have to do with you San Francisco. We have been in SF for a the past couple of years, but you’ve changed our lives forever. There are not many places that foster the best things life has to offer. We could probably go on for days, but here are the top 5.

1) San Francisco Really Cares

Our inaugural event was last Tuesday, and having only a few weeks from concept to the day of the event, we wondered how many givers would come out on a last minute notice. But they did, and we had a great time connecting with some incredible individuals. We had people attend who were helping educate children with diabetes through camps, working on programs for the mentally ill, founders of new humanitarian Crowdfunding platforms for relief, and a whole bunch of others who had amazing stories. If you’re going to discuss some of the biggest challenges in the social sector, it makes all the difference with people who really care.

2) Friends, Both Old & New.

We’re humbled to have a great network of friends from high school, college, and other long term friends, but also amazed by people we just met. We can’t thank NextSpace and ExecutivePath enough for sponsoring and hosting us, both on a similar mission. Our moderators dove right into topics and we will be sharing the outcomes of the group discussions in follow up posts, along with resources to share.

3) A Culture of Innovation

We gave everyone the options of what we could discuss asking them what their biggest problems or initiatives were. And what was the burning challenge that folks wanted to discuss the most? Of course, one of the toughest, Fundraising. People were either interested in leveraging new ways of fundraising via crowdfunding, versus those that were focused on more traditional ways, but the intelligence and ideas they came up with were amazing.


The session started talking about our interests from types of resources, what a Crowdfunding campaign “playbook” would look like, and how to engage and activate funders. Ideas flew around crowdfunding volunteer time as a means to activate people then can be then be tapped for future funding campaigns. We ideated what social sector and private sector organizations Crowdfund for, and the types of funding, platforms, resources, and how they measure success.

Fundraising in General

The other group talked more about strategies around other fundraising opportunities – ranging from grants to corporate sponsorship to earned income. Leveraging different aspects of each of the groups’ experiences, resources were shared and best practices discussed. The conversation turned to impact assessment, a key component used in nearly every aspect of fundraising.

4) San Francisco Keeps it Weird.

Of course, we mean weird in the positive sense. There were lots of fun, weird, and creative people at the event for sure. But we’ve had the luxury of meeting many unique and beautiful people over the years, especially out and about in the many parks here. Check out last weekend for example, where we took the Hitch out (think of it as a park party trailer for your bike), with a bunch of our friends.


5) Your Delicious & Healthy Food

I mean, everyone knows this, so there’s not much to write here. We’ve lived all over this country and you are making us fat and happy, yet still healthier than anywhere else SF.

We know there are a lot of things to work on San Francisco. Homelessness, mental illness, socioeconomic walls forming, but every city deals with some degree of this. We have new problems popping up every day, but with the people we’ve been meeting there’s no doubt we’ll solve them, and help the rest of the world solve them too. And, it even rained a bit yesterday, so things are looking up.

Now that we have our first event under our belt, ThinkThank is hungry for more. Gobble Gobble.


Bonus: Karl the Fog

Because Karl is so cool.



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